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Association of Plastic Processors of Russian Federation

Today the non-profit “APP” creates the following opportunities for your business:

  • To work with Government and public agencies as a participant and advisor in state import substitution programmes and customs tariffs regulation, and be eligible to receive possible federal investment;
  • Be part of the wider industry engagement process on issues of small business regulation, and take part directly in the formulation of legislation relating to the plastic processing industry;
  • Get support for your business as part of the All-Russia organisation for small and medium-sized businesses “Russia Foundation”;
  • Obtain preferential terms when buying Russian-produced petrochemical raw materials;
  • Take part in the drafting of industry standards and technical regulation;
  • Access technical support, assistance with business documentation and technical staff recruitment and training.

Members of the “APP” include leading research institutes such as:

  • The D.I. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Faculty of Plastic Processing (under Doctor of Technical Sciences Professor Victor S. Osipchik);
  • The Moscow Polytechnic University Faculty of Polymer Manufacturing Equipment (under Professor Igor V. Skopintsev);
  • The Research and Development University of Plastics (under Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Eric L. Kalinichev);
  • The Kazan National Research Technological University Faculty of Polymer and Compounds Processing (under Professor Timur R. Deberdeev).

The Association of Plastic Processors has close links and is actively consulting the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation on issues around the drafting of new legislation regulating the sector, on customs tariffs regulations and current policy on questions relating to technology and production processes.

Every small business in the sector has a role to play in this work, either by making a contribution or by drawing attention to current challenges. Together with “APP” we make making a difference possible.

Advancing the interests of small businesses in the polymer sector…

Any manufacturer of plastic goods, whether single-use disposable kitchenware to technologically advanced plastic film, or from plastic piping and drainage to autoparts, has the ability to influence their industry, from the decisions taken by Government agencies to the cost of raw materials. They can do this through the Association of Plastic Processors of the Russian Federation (APP) which was founded in 2005 to promote these goals.